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Lauren Scala is a professional television reporter and host. She has been on the air at NBC's flagship station in New York City for over a decade covering a variety of beats. She is well versed in all things NYC, from its vibrant restaurant scene to the smartest ways to navigate the city. 
When she is not working, Lauren is an intrepid traveler. Known for her solo travels to the far ends of the globe, there is nothing she enjoys more than hopping on a plane, often with little notice, to some far away place she has always dreamed of going. Her travels have opened her eyes and mind to the endless beauty of the planet, as well as its diverse people and cultures, and she closely documents each experience.
Lauren feels blessed to have a platform where she can share both important information as well as her personal passions with people. She feels a responsibility now, more than ever, to tell stories that add value. 
Since the pandemic put her travels on temporary pause, she decided to get involved with conservation efforts at home, by volunteering with the NY Marine Rescue Center and their sea turtle rescue program.